Geographical sectors

Our company has been growing worldwide since 1977. We continue to take part in challenging projects on all continents, from construction and maintenance to supervision of local teams. Our clients count on our experience and renowned expertise to deliver outstanding results.

We deploy our teams and specialised equipment worldwide. From the skyscrapers of New York City to the rolling hills of Costa Rica, the favelas of Medellin to snowy ski resorts, we are there. Each year, our team intervenes on over 150 projects spread in over 20 countries.


Exploitation and maintenance of the Salève cable car near Geneva
Maintenance of a drag lift on Greenland
Unrolling of cable of a chairlift on Iceland
Installation of a gondola in Madeira
Supervision of the assembly and maintenance of the tunnel conveyors in the Naples metro
Construction and maintenance of the world’s largest cable car in France
Assembly engineering, unrolling and supervision of the construction of a suspension bridge in Russia

The Americas

Project management and installation supervision for an urban cable car in New York
Installation supervision of a mine conveyor belt in Mexico
Maintenance supervision of hybrid ski lifts in Chilean ski resorts
Installation supervision of a cable car in an arboreal park in Costa Rica
Assembly engineering, unrolling and supervision of the renovation of an ore gondola in Brazil
Unrolling and cable work on an urban gondola in Colombia


Installation and maintenance supervision for a maritime gondola in Vietnam
Assembly engineering, unrolling and installation supervision of two gondolas in Taiwan
Technical assistance for the installation of stay cables on a bridge in South Korea
Supervision of initial setup and commissioning of an urban gondola in Turkmenistan
Technical assistance and installation supervision of 12 gondolas in China
Installation supervision of 6 chairlifts in South Korea


Feasibility expertise for the installation of an ore gondola in New Caledonia
Assembly engineering and unrolling of an ore gondola in Indonesia.


Maintenance and complete renovation of the cable cars in Algiers
Installation of aquatic attractions in Morocco
Installation of an Automatic People Mover (A.P.M.) in Egypt
Maintenance and inspection of cable cars for tourists on the Red Sea (Israel and Egypt)
Supervision of a lifting operation for oil exploration – Nigeria
Supervision of the construction of an urban gondola in Algeria