We are experts in the assembly, installation, and maintenance of power drive units and different kinds of mechanical devices, both on-site and off-site. Our expert teams work on the installation and removal of bearings, engines and drums from the drive units, as well as the assembly and configuration of power drive units. In order to adapt to your specific project needs, the work is handled and supervised by the technical department and our on-site export supervisor.

Ropeway transport systems (and particularly detachable grips) require high-level specialised technical knowledge. Our experienced teams can troubleshoot, configure, and maintain these complex systems to ensure minimum wear-and-tear and maximum durability and return-on-investment. Be it an end-to-end turnkey solution or one-off technical support and interventions, our experts are at your side to ensure the successful commissioning of each device at any time during the installation’s lifespan.

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